Cruise away

top H&M, pants Zara, jacket vintage Burberry, sunglasses vintage, ring H&M, shoes Primark

My second posted honey bees! And I'm started to enjoy it :). Well about my outfit....
Every spring I'm a sucker for the red, white and dark blue combinations. The captain look or the chic 
Titanic style makes me swap away in my own thoughts..... cruising on a sailboat or on a big yacht avec the champagne oh la la. 

And here you see my ultimate cruise outfit! I'm only waiting for the invitation....

xx lovee


  1. Lovely! That top is amazing on you, the print and the fit are so great!

    Be Frassy

    1. Thank you! xx lovee
      Love your name btw hihi

  2. found you through Sandra's blog =)
    great touch of red here. bold red lipstick, great as ruby ring and cute as shoes!

    Style Hostess

  3. Hi! love your style, you have such a nice blog :D Really adore the polka dots top:) Wanna follow each other? xoxo

  4. I love love love this oufit!

    x Natas

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