Varnish with some sheer

Blouse stolen from my dad, leggings H&M Trend, tie Marni for H&M, jacket Marni for H&M, shoes Cafe Moda

Yesterday I had the launch of Giovanni Laisina x Mason Garments. The two joined forces and developed this coolest sneakers! So I styled some items together and here it is honeys. I bought some Marni with major discount. The jacket was €59,95 but with my staff discount it only costed me €29,95 owh yesss honey bees. Tell me what you think baby's...?

xx lovee


  1. Your blog is fantastic ! Very original !
    Come to visit and follow mine...
    I'll follow you back !
    xo xo

  2. hi! thnx you honey and I will.
    xx lovee


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