Back to basic

It's been a while. I've changed to nativechloe.com, thefrontrowdaily.com and then blank...      Server got shot out so I decided to go back to my basics, back where I began, back where I belong. Time has past and I've changed well not changed I'm still me but let's call it : grown. Looking back at my previous posts I can see my state of mind, I was lost and all over the place. 2013 opened my eyes learning it the hard way. But now let's focus on the present and future.
Welcome back to me and you  


New adress!!

Lovers out there I have a new adress!! Thank you all for visiting my blog, but now it's time for some upgrading. I'm going .com. So happy with my site I hope you all keep visiting me and spread the word of course. See you on www.nativechloe.com 

xx lovee


Catching up

Honey it's been so long and I'm sooo sorry! I've moved to my new crib yeah!! Not very big but it's all mine and in Amsterdam love the city :). So very busy with that and work work work.. That's why this posted to. Catch up a lill.. Hope you love it honey's!

xx lovee


Tough vs. Girly

blouse Primark, jeans Zara, jacket Levi's vintage, shoes Zara, gold ring vintage, silver ring H&M


top H&M Trend, skirt vintage, scarf vintage, shoes Office, sunglasses vintage

I had to make a short video for a new tv program about bloggers. So today I just did it, and these were the 2 outfits I wore. I wanted to show the 2 sides of me, tough and also girly. Cause I can rock it all honey bees and you too. As long as you stay true to yourself and always wear it with confidence! Walk the walk and talk the talk. 

xx lovee


Funny in green

blouse Gestuz, pants H&M, shoes Alysa 

Well you guys today just a simple outfit.You can't go wrong on this one.
When I'm in a hurry and still want to look good... I just use my oversized blouse and combine it with a good pair of pants, some high heels and of you go! Simple I love it! As you can see I was in a very good mood hihi green always makes me happy. Specially in the spring time. Looking at the pictures also makes me a lill proud, the pants you see were sooo tight my butt almost cracked out of them. Now 7 kg/15 pounds later tadaaa! A few pounds to go for bikini time.. 

xx lovee