Pull & Bear flagshipstore opening Rotterdam

So past friday I was invited to the grand opening of Pull & Bear in Rotterdam whoop whoop!! I went with partner in crime Yasel (middle sister). We took the special arranged bus from Amsterdam to Rotterdam. Once arrived, there was a black carpet and 2 fashionable doorbitches each holding they Ipad with guestlist. There were 2 hot dj's spinning their beats, everywhere cocktails and sweet snacks just how we like it! Then a small tour though the store. In several corners they had the coolest stands. One were they pimped up old skateboards and you could make your own 'paper'. It was all in the terms of ecologize! Here the pics!

cash boxes


Skateboard artist

My sis making a drawing (with laser light on screen)

Me pimpin my paper bag

Shoe wall

Order your garment directly 

Cool camera's

the Photobooth!! 

Me and my new cam!

Sister zipping cocktail

A few facts about this store:
- the shop has a double door entrance to keep the warmth inside 
- they have a hundred year old floor (recycled) and doesn't need chemical cleaning
- the metal is from an old iron factory
- they have a photobooth were you can take a picture and directly post it on facebook/twitter
- they have Apple computers where you can directly order a garment if it's not in store
- it's the biggest Pull & Bear worldwide!! 

p.s. sorry for late post! Busy, busy..



  1. great photos! looks like a fun event

  2. hi,nice blog,follow us if u like our blog and we will follow you too!

  3. De winkel ziet er echt mooi uit! Snel maar een keertje gaan kijken!

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