TV Whores

Although we have great Dutch names in fashion we in Holland still have got to learn and change a lot! 
Just take the hostess and judges from our very own spin off of ANTM, Hollands Next Top Model. 

We have Daphne Deckers as the hostess. She ones -like 80 years ago- had a small part in a Bond movie, (please don't ask which one cause I won't know) and of course she is a former model. Well watching this show suppose to be fun but her hosting it is just one awkward ride. 1. she's just to old, 2. talk about an ice queen, 3. a smile ones in a while couldn't hurt no one, and 4. just shoot her stylist and hairdresser please.

While your at it drag Marianne 'catwalkgranny' Verkerk with you. I just suggest you stop at your peak and stop embarrassing yourself. Who we need is Sergio den Hartog! He's good looking and walks better in heels than average Dutch woman. He can walk the walk and teach our young recruits a lot.

Then we have stylist Bastiaan van Schaik who lost a lot of weight -well done!- but is still to fat. This guy just loves the camera a lill to much and is just being the gay guy. Don't get me wrong I used to love his styling work in Dutch Avant Garde magazine before he was kicked out by new editor in chief Robert van der Sanden. I say make way for new talent! To name one: his former assistant Mo Anwar.

We in Holland always claim we support young and new talent, let's act to it! There are just to many people in the fashion industry that just won't give up their throne or want to step a side for new fresh faces. 

I love fashion world wide so it's not my intention to hurt anybody. I'm just speaking my mind.


  1. Mo Anwar is the shit!! You can see a lot of fashionweek pix of him at the top blogs:



  2. haha, I just love an honest opinion and totally agree!


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