Mini Model on the loose

Ok honeys just hold the phone on this one! Her name Thylane Léna-Rose Blondeau, daughter of actrice Veronika Loubry and former soccer player Patrick Blondeau. Her first "gig" model for Jean-Paul Gaultier' catwalk show (being only 4 years old). Yes darling I did say Jean-Paul Gaultier! All that followed by several commercials/ads. But the real  big bang was earlier this year when she posted for Vogues photographer (3th+4th+5th foto), not really that she posted but HOW she did it. Only 10 years old and already being called the new Brigitte Bardot. This girl is beautiful! Grr keep on eye on that one I say☆


  1. OMG. Dat is jong zeg! Maar ik moet toegeven, ze is echt heel mooi en goed...!

  2. I honestly think she is too young to be starring in some of the campaigns she has. Let kids be kids! You've got decades to be an adult!

    -Laura xox


Thank you soo much for your comment. It makes me happy and warm inside when you show your opinion. love you all mwhaa